Etched In Stone
of Cape Cod

About the Artist
 The forms and materials of Nature have always inspired me. In my early years as an artist, I studied 3-dimensional design with Susan Douchette, exploring the possibilities of combining materials such as glass, stone, and metal in the creation of custom jewelry. Later, I worked and studied with Paul White, earning from him a cerificate in Sign Carving. Of owner for twenty years of "Capestyle Landscape," I designed and executed numerous landscaping projects, striving always to design in harmony with the contours of the land and setting.

In 2006, intrigued by the challenge of creating art forms in stone, I established "Etched In Stone of Cape Cod." I have recently renewed my interest in combining disparate materials to create original scuptures, many of which feature contrasting textures and finishes. My garden installations particularly emphasize the concept of setting as an integral part of my art.

-David Campbell
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