Etched In Stone
of Cape Cod

Dave Campbell designs and makes unique stone creations including carved sculptures, fountains, sundials, and other garden art. His pieces are one of a kind and will look beautiful in any garden, home, or yard.

Etched In Stone is focused on using the elements of stone and often glass, metal, etc. to create amazing works of art. Much of the inspiration for these works is drawn from the natural beauty of the Cape.  His sculpture is currently being displayed at Cafe Chew and Studio Brush in Merchant Square of Sandwich, MA. Some of his work is sold at the Black Crow Gallery in Sandwich, MA and was displayed at Heritage Museum and Gardens, also in Sandwich. He was in the March 2008 volume of Cape Cod Magazine, the April 2008 volume of Prime Time Cape Cod, and featured at Muse Memo on September 24, 2009.  He also had an article written about him in the 2012 winter edition of Cape Cod Home.

Dave is pleased to offer you products of his own design or to create custom designs for you, including:

  • Garden Accents
  • Personalized Stone Benches
  • Fundraising Bricks
  • Signs for your home or business
  • Memorials
  • Markers
  • Many more!

Inferno was recently purchased by Vietnam Veterans of America of Long Island, New York. It will be displayed in the Memorial Garden Walkway as an eternal flame.
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